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I lied. This isn’t the last post.

I’m writing this post because we’re not getting much people on our new site for ParAAAdise. We want a lot of people online because the more people there are, the better the community becomes.

Registering is very simple, you just decide an username and fill in simple information (no addresses required). And best of all, it’s free (obviously XD).

Please come online! We need you!

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Single Release for Charge▶Go!

According to this music information site, Charge▶Go! will be released as a single on November 2nd!

It is great as many fans have been hoping for this, and Hidaka said before that he will try his best to try to make Charge▶Go! a single! I thought it was a waste to sell the song just for TaNoCa, but I think it’s a little bit late because they’re not airing the Wieder CM as much as they did during summer (because people don’t drink Wieder much during winter 😦 )

What do you think about this release? Leave your comments!

ParAAAdise Forums Opening October 1st

The forums for ParAAAdise will be opening on the 1st of October 2011! It is going to be a discussion site that you guys will create. The forum is currently under construction. If you have any ideas for the forums, as to what kinds of sections you want us to put in, please put a comment below 🙂

#AAABEST Oricon Weekly 1st!

#AAABEST has received first place for the weekly Oricon charts! This is the first time AAA has received a 1st place weekly for an album, and the third time overall (MIRAGE, Aitai Riyuu). So far it has sold approximately 66000 copies. It’s a good number as it’s the sixth anniversary for AAA… XD

All the AAA members are really happy about the result!

Songs for Kohaku 2011?


It’s about time we start talking about the annual Kohaku Singing Festival! Kohaku is one of the largest singing festivals in Japan. It airs on New Year’s eve every year. Last year, AAA entered the show for the first time with their song “Aitai Riyuu.” This year, if they are to be in the show, which song do you want them to sing? Vote!

Daiji na Koto: First song released by AAA in 2011, released alongside Buzz Communication. Its soft melody composed by Komuro Tetsuya became popular amongst fans.
No cry No more: A very fast upper tune. It was used for an Ito Yokado CM, and the cheerful tune became very popular to both fans and non-fans. A lot of people recognise this melody. It is sung mainly by the female members.
CALL: A lot of AAA fans say this song represents AAA the best. It’s an attempt to let all the members sing equally in this cool and fast tune, with very modern lyrics.
I4U: Being the theme song for the film “Prince of Tennis”, it has a very catchy beat and melody. The lyrics are very nice, as they sing about the importance of friendship and bonds.
Thank you: A song released for TaNoCa. Coincidentally, it was released a few days after the horrific earthquake in the Tohoku region. Its lyrics talk about appreciation for people involved in your life.
Charge▶Go!: A song liked by both fans and the members of AAA. Komuro Tetsuya also tweeted that it is one of the best songs that he’s composed. Being a CM song for ‘Wieder in Jelly”, it is a song that pushes people’s backs.

AAA as Representative of Japan in Music Festival

AAA is going to be the representative of Japan in Asia’s biggest Music Festival, “2011 Asia Song Festival“! They’re going to represent Japan with the popular dance group, “Perfume”. The festival will also hold popular artists such as Girl’s Generation and SUPER JUNIOR. It’s going to be broadcast in 40 countries.

I’m really excited! It’s finally time for our AAA to be known around the world! I hope it will be a success.

ORICON: #AAABEST daily 1st place!!

#AAABEST Jacket Stolen Idea!?

Edited post + comments to avoid misunderstandings.

Bad news.

Please compare these two jackets.


The jacket on the left is for #AAABEST, which you all should be familiar with. The jacket on the right, however, isn’t a parody of AAA. It is a jacket for a project called “Cocoon Heroes.”

Cocoon Heroes was released first, this year, in July. #AAABEST was released in September. #AAABEST was in production sometime around July, which is why we believe the designers have gotten the idea around that time.

We don’t know whether the designer for #AAABEST stole the idea from Cocoon, or if there was some sort of contract between the two, but either way, the two designs are too similar to be coincidentally similar. It’s too early at this stage to judge whether the jacket was stolen, so we must wait quietly until some information comes out. What do you guys think?

Happy 6th Birthday AAA!

Today is September 14th. What day is it today? Of course, it is AAA”s birthday! On this day 6 years ago, AAA released their first single, “BLOOD on FIRE.” Back then, none of the members expected themselves to become this big. Most of us didn’t know AAA at all back then, probably. So let’s thank AAA for all they’ve done for us over the past years, and hope they will try hard this year as well!

We’ll always be with you, AAA!


SKY-HI, also known as Hidaka Mitsuhiro within AAA, is going to be in BRIGHT’s new single! It is called BAD GIRL!! feat. SKY-HI(AAA) / The more I meet you, the more I love you. He will be in the song “BAD GIRL”. Unfortunately, there won’t be a PV for this song There will be a PV for the song, and I bet the song will rock thanks to them 😛

“CALL” Gets Oricon 5th Place

“CALL” received 5th place in the Oricon weekly charts. Is it a good or bad result? I believe it’s really good, considering the members of the week’s charts. Let’s hope they can get a higher ranking with their next single 🙂

And #AAABEST is releasing today! I’m going to get it at their release event, so I won’t be able to listen to it yet. Let’s hope it gets an Oricon first place!